Quest helps foster your self-directedness. You can spend your time exploring the various zones, or being engaged through a platter of activities and guided learning workshops or expressing yourself by doing what you enjoy. Here are the three ways by which you can use Quest as a space and become a part of the ever growing learning community.


If you are new to Quest or you would like to come over once in a while, this option is perfect for you. Drop in and spend as many hours a day as you like, discovering your interests and the space. At Rs. 200/hour, you could share work spaces in any of the zones, meet and interact with other members and have a free-flowing schedule.

Board game weekends at Quest with friends

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There is always something that would definitely kindle your interest at Quest. Be it playing host to every kind of interest group, offering workshops that are the very best for your child, ensuring no adult ever feels that sense of ‘I wish I had learnt’, or curating the most immersive events and challenges, Quest takes every step to ensure every person joining the community is a happy learner.

Children aged 7 – 12, having fun at IEP

Through the week, Quest functions as a DIY space for children as self-directed learners to explore across all learning zones and learn by themselves or through collaboration; with facilitators available for assistance whenever needed.

Visit us to know more about this program that we refer to in short as IEP – Individualised Engagement Program or sign up here:

Visit Quest as a group of friends & family or curate a field trip from school. Customise your day through specially curated activities just for you!

Field trips happen both inside and outside Quest

Learning at Quest is fun for all ages

Over weekends, Quest hosts multiple interest groups and offers a variety of workshops. Workshops at Quest range from Aeromodelling, Tinkering with Tools, Learning Life Skills, Weaving, Embroidery, Little Chefs, Money and I, Cheese Making, Art, Gardening, Story Telling, Map Making, Photography, Embroidery, Robotics, Wood Work to Glass Flameworking. Learn more about the Learning Journeys you can take at Quest. Discover those that spark your interest or filter by age group, right here:

Take the step to being a life-long learner, now!

Monthly, Quest conducts fascinating events across many themes and for different age groups, weaving fun and learning in the most seamless manner. From the time we started in August 2016, the variety of events are ever expanding including events like Filter Coffee Challenge, Halloween at Quest, Grandchildren’s day, Charles Darwin Day, Curd Rice Challenge, Chamber Concerts, Karaoke Evenings and Harry Potter Day at Quest.

Find out what’s happening this month and block your seat right here:

Thukpa, Bajjis and Stories
Date 19th Jan 2019
Duration 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Suitable For 4-6,7-12
Cost Rs. 300
Know More>>>


The ultimate goal to any learning journey is to be able to create from the skills you’ve honed. Quest commends your mastery and would be happy to facilitate your Expression.

If you’re in search of a quiet space to use as a studio be it for art, sound-proof recording or any other creative pursuit; Quest would be happy to share space with you.

If you’re looking to screen your documentary or short-film, bake in an industry sized oven or jam with your musically talented friends, you can book Quest’s well-equipped zones for a few hours.

Quest’s largest room, the main hall is also available on rent. It seats about 50 people for chamber concerts and theatre group performances and doubles up as a gallery with spotlights to display your work of art or photography.

Whatever your requirement is, we’d be happy to help!

Get creative at Quest

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