Workshops are a great starting point to an exciting learning journey whatever be the degree of mastery. Workshops at Quest especially come with a guarantee – the facilitators are so incredibly passionate about their work that it would certainly rub off on you too!

Quest’s facilitators are experts, entrepreneurs and an inspiration in their respective field of work. Through their guided learning practices, you can be rest assured that you’d be a happy learner while you hone some super skills.

4-6 Years
7-12 Years
13-18 Years
Leap Ahead — A Makerspace Challenge
Date 29th Feb
Duration 2 days
Suitable For Ages all ages,7-12
Cost Rs. 500
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Yoga for Adults
Date Yet to be announced
Duration 1 hour
Suitable For Ages all ages,adults
Cost Rs. 2000/-
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Working with Glass
Date Yet to be announced
Duration Typically 2 days
Suitable For Ages 13-17,adults
Cost Varies
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