Miniature Sculpting workshop

Date: 13th Jul 2020 Duration: 5 days Suitable For: 7-12,13-17 Cost: Rs. 3600

Miniature sculptures take up the most space in our hearts! These teeniest works of art are some of the most valued collectibles and here is your chance to learn to make them yourself! Sign up to learn basic sculpting techniques, micro sculpting and painting techniques, and creating eco friendly clay miniatures! This workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to convert your favourite food into a tiny, clay magnet and save(our) it forever! 

About the facilitator

Shilpa Raghavan is a professional sculptor who specialises in creating miniature sculptures. She prefers to work with earthenware clay to minimise harmful effects on the environment from the materials used. She finds great motivation from the works of Willard Wigan, a microscopic sculptor, whom she holds as an extraordinary inspiration. The early phases of her sculpting journey were heavily characterised by sculptures of animals, mostly. This is probably reflective of the childhood that she has had with dogs and other animals. As a genre, the fantastical and the wondrous, earn extra brownie points with her and she enjoys giving life to fictional and non-realistic characters.

Having initially trained as a sculptor at Life & Art Academy in Chennai, India, Shilpa continues her sculpting exploration by periodically making forays into new areas. She appreciates the value and captivating charm of any hand-made artwork and enjoys the organic nature of creating something using hands.

Shilpa is also a psychologist, a certified Animal Assisted Therapist who runs her own therapy centre, a trained Bharathanatyam dancer and an animal welfare enthusiast.

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