A tour around Quest by kids during Summer Camp. This video was conceptualised, shot, edited and screened by the kids for a project during ‘On a Quest this Summer’.

There is hardly anything that can be uninteresting about this zone!

Quest hosts about 98 games and toys and we are itching to add more. From outdoor games, to boards games we’ve got it covered – traditional games, classics, social aka party games, games from other countries and strategy games. Do not miss the Leader Door in this zone! You can challenge yourself or others to beat scores.

Defined a little differently; Science-Technology-Engineering-Mechanics is a zone that opens you up to a world of tools, bots, coding, experiments and more. Be it S.T.E.M. Challenges, Aeromodelling or building from scratch, you’d be spoilt for choice!

Book Libraries are always about reading.

At Quest’s Stories Zone, you can write your own story and showcase it on the shelves with the other books. Write your own story, doodle, learn to create new fonts and fill out our journal.

With the smell of something baking wafting through the air, it’s hard to not explore the kitchen at Quest.

From cooking different cuisines to learning one-minute dishes, you can do them all here. We guarantee you’d fall in love with cooking and baking!

You can learn all kinds of strokes, painting techniques and much more across the city.

If you’re looking for a quiet studio space to create, Art Hacks is your zone to be in! Crafts are no less in the zone, with tons of skills to master, innumerable options and inspiration all around, you’d have a ball of a time here.

The immersive theatre with a 137″ screen and 7.1 surround sound offers an unlimited number of documentaries and animated films to choose from! If you are a visual learner, you are in for a treat in this immersive zone. Watch your favourites, take your pick from a unique collection or let us know what you’d like sourced.

Playing host to the Audio Library, the upright piano, 6 guitars, a drum pad and a keyboard; this zone is for the performer in you. Theatre – Music – Dance – Yoga – Zumba – you name it, you’ve got the space to try it.

A zone dedicated to the world of threads.

Be it learning that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ or using spools of thread to create abstract or structured patterns. You could get caught up in this web! Try creating art with a needle and a thread as well. Embroidery can be a very rewarding experience!

Enjoyed the virtual tour? Come visit us in person!

You can check out all these zones by blocking time with us over the weekend.

As a larger group from school or as a family, you can customise your visit to Quest with acurated program just for you.