Our Journey so far

Started in 2016, in Palavakkam, The Learning Community at Quest is a vibrant space that brings together different learners who are actively engaged in learning a variety of skills in many different ways. Our new space in Besant Nagar is dynamically designed to enable learning and exploration of a wide range of skills and interest areas. 

We have created unique learning experiences through our events, workshops, field trips, and summer camps. Collaborations with schools like KC High, HLC International and Akshar Arbol International School, has helped us create unique field trips, exciting events and other specially curated events in our space.

The success inspired us to curate our unique after school programme in 2017 — the Individualised Engagement Programme (IEP). Inspired by self-directed learning, IEP is designed to encourage every child to take charge of their own learning journey, with or without the assistance of others, by identifying their learning goals, choosing their mode of learning and evaluating their own performance and outcomes as well.

All the zones at Quest (Ratatouille (kitchen), S.T.E.M, Art Hacks, Thread Works, Performing Arts, Games Zone and Library), include numerous skills and activities for children to explore, and they could choose all that interests them. With Bloom’s Taxonomy, (a model which encourages higher forms of thinking such as analysing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles, rather than just remembering facts or rote learning) each of the activities are designed to help children learn anything, in an easy and fun way.

We began merging tech to aspects of IEP, and we soon realised the lack of a safe and comprehensive cyber learning space for children. This motivated us to create a fun and safe learning app in 2018 — Breadcrumb: The Learning App 

Aimed at encouraging children to be independent learners, the app is available worldwide on the App Store. The unique features of the app include setting limits on the screen time, a checklist for materials required for each activity, recording notes (photos, recording audio, doodling) and a Schedule Section which helps the learner prioritise their learning goals.

For our work in the field of self-directed education, we were recognised by The Alliance for Self Directed Education, and are a part of a global network of self-directed education institutions.


Core Team

Our team includes dedicated individuals who passionately believe that every child is a gifted learner and can reach for the stars in whatever they set out to learn.

Our role as facilitators is to simply help the child discover as many opportunities as possible, and make learning as fun as it can possibly be! Together we can power through learning goals, make the most of your potential and work through any road blocks you face while learning.

Aditi Balaji

Team Members Aditi Balaji

Let’s talk about: electronics, exploring science and math, and understanding their wide range of applications in the real world, while having fun!

Together we can: work on projects involving electronics experiments with different science concepts, apply simple logic and maths in new fields, question the way things work, challenge existing systems and marvel at the way all physical things coexist in our world!

Aditi started by conducting an online workshop at Quest on home appliances called ‘Bare Necessities’ and currently facilitates Electronics and Science exploration. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physics and joined team Quest to be a part of building a better learning environment for children. She loves teaching and encouraging curiosity among learners.

Allwyn Sharp

Let’s talk about: electronics, designing cars, and other electronic devices using Arduino UNO

Together we can: learn about the flow of electricity, understand how electronics work, innovate using Arduino, explore automobile engines, learn chords on the piano, play cricket, football, badminton, volleyball and attempt some athletics too!  

Allwyn started as an intern at Quest and moved on to facilitating electronics and Arduino UNO automation. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering and looks forward to exploring automobiles and Python programming with learners at Quest. He loves helping children build innovative things that solve everyday problems. As an athlete, he particularly enjoys cricket, football, and volleyball. 

Bhavna Sruthi

Let’s talk about: the importance of mental health, how we all need to unlearn and relearn to make this world a better place, anything related to psychology and the human brain, decipher psychological thriller movies and series together!

Together we can: work towards making one’s own mind and body the happiest places to be, change the outlook of mental health, break some stigma, break the barrier of age in learning, play badminton, become better at classical dance, hit the gym to sweat it out and of course dance to some peppy beats! 

Bhavna started off as an intern and joined full time after completing her Master’s degree in Applied psychology (Clinical specialisation). In addition to facilitating group activities and character building, freestyle dancing sessions, she also curates all our virtual and in-person workshops. She loves dance and  exploring different ways of expressing through movements. 


Let’s talk about: designing versatile Math continuums, movies and deciphering the video edits that make them spectacular, shooting and creating your own content for YouTube, my fascination for DSLR photography, video games, anything tech, road trips, cars, bikes and food — every kind of cuisine.

Together we can: make learning math a lot of fun, problem solve through STEM and coding, choreograph a dance number, explore chords on the guitar, play cricket and basketball, conceptualise an idea, shoot and edit videos.

Frank started out by helping children of the community access Quest to bridge various learning gaps and expanded into taking Quest and Breadcrumb to schools. He co-hosts Talk-u-mentaries, runs the Minecraft Club and facilitates across Maker Space, Clapboard, Design Studio and Games Zone. He holds a Masters in Computer Science Engineering and strives to help children be empathetic and socially responsible individuals.


Let’s talk about: interesting skills that you wish to share, designing unique workshops for different age groups, curating knowledge sharing experiences that are packed with fun and learning, intriguing books, my love for tennis, a Nadal match, caring for pets, anything that spells chocolate, cleaning and organising hacks, designing on Canva from scratch, creating personalised, hand-made gifts and silly jokes — no joke is too silly for me!

Together we can: cook up a storm, bring the wackiest recipes alive, play tennis, and ultimate frisbee, do art together, create 3-dimensional paper crafts and make learning the English language joyful — be it reading, writing or expressing.

Madhavi started off as a volunteer with Quest, moved on to facilitating cooking workshops and chose to make this her dream job. She mentors children ages 4-8, spear-heads all the workshops we host and facilitates across Ratatouille, Design Studio, Games Zone and Stories Zone. She holds a Masters degree in Sociology and is a tennis player who plays for the love of the sport.

Meenakshi Ramesh

quest community team member - meenakshi

Let’s talk about: curating learning content for children of various age groups, plants and gardening, and how best to crack the NIOS curriculum and exams.

Together we can: play board games, badminton, tag, cricket, try paper crafts and acrylic painting, sing, and learn a dance step or two!

Meenakshi joined as a content curator in Altius Foundation for their Mash Up project and moved to the Breadcrumb content curation team. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics and used to work with primary school children and children with dyslexia. She loves watching wildlife documentaries and trying out all the exciting content on Breadcrumb.

Kamakshi Saptharishi

quest community team member - Kamakshi Saptharishi

Let’s talk about: what learning means to each individual, find windows to explore oneself and the world through children’s books, building on skills that help one read to learn and creating tools to support children work through their learning challenges and caregiving for animals.

Together we can: read children’s books and build on skills for independent reading and writing, creating learning resources to make learning a personalised experience and finding ways to care for animals around us.

Kamakshi desires to spread the joy of building bridges between books, people, and the world. At Quest, she works with 6 to 8-year-olds to build skills for independent reading, writing, and learning. She holds a Master’s degree in Disability Studies and is a professional bathroom singer. 

Krithiga Viswanathan

quest community team member - Krithika Viswanathan

Let’s talk about: language or Math concepts for different age groups, differentiated lesson plans, interventions by way of integrating subjects to make learning an interesting experience, and effective engagement, based on the thinking styles and functional levels of individual learners that are packed with joyful interactions, different genres of books, quizzes, and board games; scholastic and Psychological assessments, guidance, and counseling; my passion for travel, exploring nature, food, sustainable ways of living, solid waste management, human behaviour and emotions, responsible citizen matters and rights, involvement in the community living, healing based on elements of nature and minimalist ways of living.

Together we can: learn English language and Math concepts in interesting, meaningful, and joyful ways — be it pre-reading or writing, learning to read, perceptual skills, phonemic awareness, spelling strategies, reading, mechanics of writing, creative writing, expressing, debating, reasoning, strategy building and finding solutions, challenging and enhancing thinking styles, working on focus and attention through board games, problem-solving, memory techniques, study skills, and preparing for NIOS exams.

Krithiga joined Quest in June 2022 and has been helping learners of  different age groups to bridge various learning gaps, be it English language or Numeracy. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology, PG Diploma in Special Education (multiple disabilities), Clinical Psychology and has been working with children with various needs, counselling and guiding learners and their parents. 

Sharanya Dilip

Let’s talk about: designing learning experiences that help children have complete autonomy, my deep desire to change the language from ‘what teachers should do’ to ‘what children can do’ in the volumes of curriculums we all refer to, anything tech, decluttering, strength training, travel itineraries, birthday goals, my fascination towards nature and my endearing love for the Northern lights!

Together we can: create music together, design ridiculously fun games, play, explore different mediums and forms of expression in digital art, debate about anything under Psychology, grow a garden, discuss recipes and look up at stars in wonder.

Sharanya co-founded Quest and is on a mission to create physical and virtual communities that make self-directed learning an accessible possibility for every kind of learner. She directs all our programmes and facilitates across Design Lab, Performance Studio, Ratatouille and Clapboard. She is an Asia-Pacific Leadership Fellow from East-West Center, holds a Masters degree in Applied Psychology and is a trained classical singer.

Srikanth C

Let’s talk about: learning systems and the changes we can bring about to increase access to content, your perception towards travel, learning to wield the camera to suit a plethora of wildlife conditions and sceneries, cars, the stock market and how you can handle money in a manner that gives you happiness.

Together we can: travel the nooks and crannies of the world, make videos that showcase your trip with a gripping narrative, deconstruct every single documentary that features Sir David Attenborough, karaoke, do origami and photograph anything — from a panorama to macro shots.

Srikanth co-founded Quest and is on a mission to seek and enable ideas that make the world a better place. He is the primary investor, shapes the direction we take, supporting us through the big decision and facilitates across Clapboard, Games Zone and Performance Studio. He is a professional stock market trader, investor in multiple start-ups and a wildlife photographer.

Vidhya Sridhar

Let’s talk about: you and what you like to do, designing learning progressions, amazing online resources that can support any learning continuum, discovering common interests, overcoming challenges, classical music, historical sights in India and taking charge of your learning.

Together we can: appreciate the little things in life, simplify science, wonder at the beauty of numbers and the rules that influence their interplay, celebrate your every win, listen and sing, take virtual trips.

Vidhya always wished for a school that provided to every type of learner and with Quest she does exactly that. She mentors children ages 9+, designs learning continuums and facilitates across Design Studio, Clapboard, Performance Studio, Stories Zone and Games Zone. As an experienced teacher with the Cambridge board she helps blend academic rigour and life skills.

In The


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These wonderful people and organisations help us provide an even wider range of skills to learners! Our partners include experts who are amazing in their field of work, physical spaces that design unique learning journeys, and advisors and well-wishers who enjoy making learning fabulous.

quest community partner - andrea
Andrea Jacob

Andrea is a Movement Specialist, performing artist, fitness enthusiast, animal rescuer, research coordinator, and theatrical expert! She helps learners explore the freedom of movement and expression through her theatre and movement sessions at Quest. She seeks to help more people feel comfortable in their own bodies and enjoy movement.

quest community partner - anuj
Anuj Jagannathan

Anuj is a certified and experienced trainer and teacher. He has been hosting workshops and teaching super skills across the globe in organisations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and at institutions and schools. He has been facilitating a Super Skills programme (teaching negotiation, influencing and persuasion, communication, solution thinking, and leadership) at Quest since July 2021. The reviews of the learners of his programme have been remarkable.

quest community partner - haresh
Haresh Chugani

Haresh enjoys working with and creating a range of things with wood. Through his carpentry sessions at Quest, he helps learners understand the basics of constructing with wood and creating a range of projects. He also loves nature, is curious, and enjoys working with children!

quest community partner - jyothi
Jyothi Srivathsan

Jyothi is a finance and economics professional but found her true calling when she first visited a ceramic art exhibition in Delhi a few years ago. Since then, she has moved into the world of arts and has invested her time and effort in developing herself across various media such as clay, paints, and glass.

She is very passionate about art and wishes to impart her perspectives to her audiences to learn and create their own art. She helps learners discover different forms of art with her sessions at Quest.

quest community partner - priyanka
Priyanka Raghunath

Priyanka is a yoga practitioner with a background in architecture. She has completed her Yoga Acharya certification of 500 hours with Yoga Vahini in the tradition of Sri.T. Krishnamacharya. She has been conducting yoga classes for groups, individuals, and people with special needs for the last 5 years.

Through yoga, she is learning to anchor in her breath and be in the present moment. It’s the ongoing self-reflective practice she intends to stay with.
Her yoga sessions at Quest are fun and always leave learners energised!

quest community partner - ramya
Ramya Dilip

Ramya is an educator with over 20 years of experience and currently runs The Centre for Academic Intervention in Coimbatore for children with special needs. At Quest, she facilitates Writing Skills for learners with unique difficulties, supports learners with slightly advanced needs with Speaking, Reading, and Writing Tamil, and engages virtually with a variety of activities, challenges, exercises, and connections.