for The Unschooling Project

Our open house events are scheduled for Saturdays. You can visit the space, attend a presentation and meet us to understand more about our Unschooling Project. Please get in touch with us to know the date of our next open house event.  

Following your visit, we can schedule another meeting with you to understand your specific concerns and then meet your child to discuss their interests. Thereafter, you can sign up for our Unschooling Project within 3 weeks.

Our meeting with you as parents and then with your child as the key decision maker of their learning, helps us understand how Quest can support your aspirations for your child and your child’s interests. 


Upon signing up, you will receive an email with information about your child’s customised learning journey, other documentation to be completed and the membership fee payment details. After receipt of the term/full payment, we are ready to welcome you on board! 

Before the learner begins their learning journey, they are introduced to the processes of the Unschooling Project in depth, and helped with navigating our app, Breadcrumb: The Learning App

Please note —
Learners can choose to begin in January, July or October. We would like to take some time before they begin, to understand the interest areas and goals of every learner who signs up for the Unschooling Project. Every child’s learning path is different, and customising it would include taking into consideration their interest areas, what and how much they would like to explore in each interest area, and also what you as parents would like them to learn as well.

The interest areas that children can choose from are — Thread Work and Fashion, Food and Culinary, Personal Development, Social Science and Collectibles, Art, Craft, and Design, Science and Technology, Photography and Observation, Architecture and Interior Design, Environment and Nature, Language Arts, Math and Logic, Performing and Entertainment Arts, Games, Sports and Fitness.

There would be no exams conducted by Quest (children can enrol as private candidates for the NIOS or IGCSE exams). At Quest, the learners would assess their own learnings and progress through reflection sessions with their mentors, every week. This would also be recorded in the Journal of Breadcrumb, which can be viewed by parents as well.


The base fee for one year of Unschooling Project, through the day (10AM- 4PM), is Rs.1,90,000. This can be paid in two instalments— the first one during enrolment and the other in December. Also, since we customise learning journeys based on every child’s needs, the fee too can be customised depending on your budget (and requirement). 

You can contribute to help other children learn and also avail scholarships to help your child get the most out of Quest’s services. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss this.

The space opens at 9AM and until 10AM our support staff would be available to help your child. The Unschooling Project functions between 10AM and 4PM. After 4PM, you can choose to enrol your child for our after school programmes that are conducted by experts from various fields. 

Mentors – Each learner will have one mentor, who keeps track of all the interests and activities a child does at Quest. Our mentors are skilled at being the best companion to a child and help them navigate their learning journeys. Additionally they also regularly update the parents about their child’s progress.

Facilitators – All our zones have facilitators to help children with various skills and nudge them to explore more. They help children reach specific learning goals.

Experts – They are extremely passionate and among the best in their area of interest. They visit Quest to facilitate workshops and other sessions for different levels of learners. Their expertise and nurturing guidance enhance every child’s learning experience at Quest.

Ideally 6 years and above, as they are more independent and can make decisions for themselves, exercise a sense of ownership and can work alone or with peers.

Since we are not a tuition centre, we would help your child with the exams differently. Learning for these exams would be similar to learning all other interests at Quest– fun and self-directed. We will help your child schedule their day and set goals in preparation for these exams.
No. The NIOS or IGCSE fee would need to be paid to the respective organisations.

Memorandum of Understanding — A legally binding document which details the roles and responsibilities of Quest, as well as those of parent(s). We would sign this at the beginning of your engagement with Quest and it is valid until your child graduates or moves from here.

Learning Contract — A document drafted by Quest, along with your child outlining their learning goals. As key stakeholders, this ensures that each of us uphold our support and roles to help your child achieve their goals.

The Unschooling Project is designed for all kinds of learners– including those with working parent(s). Every parent is updated on their child’s learning journey through the Journal of Breadcrumb (the app), regular updates from mentors and quarterly presentations by the child as well. Additionally, parents can write to us with queries or concerns, call us or schedule a meeting with us as well.
Our library includes a range of resource books and digital content that is available for all children at Quest. Since we do not follow a standardised curriculum, there are no specific textbook requirements. During their time at Quest, each child would have access to an iPad, which would work like their textbook and notebook.
Breadcrumb allows every user to access a whole universe of content! It has numerous learning interests in one place, with the possibility to keep endlessly exploring and in that process discover more about oneself. Your child can toggle between the programmes they have signed up for, on the app and access relevant content accordingly. They also get to document all of their learning in one place, which is saved on a timeline. Feedback from experts and facilitators are also visible in their journal.

There are no fixed dates for admissions (you can choose to begin in mid June, October or January) but we would prefer children with similar interests (and age groups) beginning together, as this would help them form a supportive peer group. 

Yes! Quest’s resources are available for every kind of learner. We are open to figuring out a schedule together, before homeschoolers begin their learning journeys with us.

Our experience in facilitating the after-school program and creating Breadcrumb (the app), has helped us create numerous ‘interest buckets’, which are broad areas of interests, and each including multiple sub interests as well.

The 12 broad areas of interests which include academic subjects, skills, theory and hands-on learning modules are:

Art, Craft and Design | Thread Work and Fashion | Food and Culinary
Science and Technology | Social Science and Collectibles | Language Arts | Performing and Entertainment Arts |Media and Observation | Math and Logic | Architecture and Interior Design | Personal Development | Games, Sports and Fitness

At Quest, we use Learning Continuums to help children design customised learning journeys. A Learning Continuum includes the wide expanse of knowledge, skills and levels a learner can access in a particular area of interest. All our interests have Learning Continuums that have been carefully curated, in consultation with various subject matter experts, curriculum experts and passionate educators. Unlike a rigid curriculum, our Learning Continuums allow for expansion and flexibility depending on the needs of a variety of learners.

Yes. The Unschooling Project is from 10AM-4PM and the after school programmes begin after 4PM.

While we are an inclusive space, we take the help of our friends at Madras Dyslexia Association, WeCAN and other learning centres across the city who specialise in addressing a variety of special needs. Depending on their recommendation, we partake in supporting the learner.