Self-directed learning is a truly revolutionary approach to learning where the learner takes charge of their own learning journey, with or without the assistance of others, by identifying their learning goals, choosing their mode of learning and evaluating their own performance and outcomes as well.

Our Individualised Engagement Programme (IEP) is the perfect way for children to discover themselves! This after school programme is for children aged 4 – 12, from 4PM to 7PM, Monday to Friday. It can also be customised for home-schoolers and un-schoolers during the day, as well as for individuals with special needs. 

IEP is designed for many different kinds of learners and is truly individualised as children can completely design their own learning path in their chosen field of interest. Every activity is carefully curated in such a manner that it taps into multiple intelligences the child can hone. Children who have enrolled for IEP mostly pursue a variety of interests or explore one deeply.

We employ Bloom’s Taxonomy, a hierarchical model which encourages higher forms of thinking such as analysing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles, rather than just remembering facts (rote learning). In addition to knowledge and skills, our passionate facilitators help build character through conversations and discussions. We strongly believe that children are happy, curious learners and when allowed to own their learning, they take initiative and responsibility. Self-directed Learning has always been our guiding principle and we believe that self-directed learning is not a lack of adult involvement, but is simply a lack of adult force or control. 

The freedom to learn whatever one desires, without judgement, compulsion or an end goal dictated by others is an utterly illuminating way of learning. We provide the perfect environment for children to be the best learners they can be.


If you are new to Quest or you would like to come over and understand more about IEP, this option is perfect for you. Home-schoolers or un-schoolers, can also drop in and spend as many hours a day as you like, discovering your interests and the space. You could try everything that happens during IEP, through the day and we’d love to facilitate this experience for you!

Board game weekends at Quest with friends



Making a mark in the global map as the first recognised Self Directed Education Community in India, spring-boarded us into designing the ideal environment for a young learner to discover themselves. The Alliance of Self Directed Education surveys all SDE communities/programs about how they provide, enhance, or align with each of the Six Optimizing Conditions for young people to succeed in SDE.  Here is what Quest stands for –

1. Responsibility – It is a vital part of our Individualised Engagement Program, where young learners (ages 4- 12) set goals for themselves to pursue interests they enjoy and take charge of their Learning Journey. As facilitators, we help them only if they seek it.
2. Freedom – We practice democracy in big decisions that would affect our young learners too. So every voice matters! Learners at Quest have access to every resource at all times – be it play, exploration or active learning of interests.
3. Access to Tools – The entire space is designed such that our youngest learners (4 years) get access to every resource too. Sharp tools/items that could pose to be dangerous are kept at accessible levels for learners who have understood safety of using them.
4. Nonjudgmental Support – As an inclusive learning space, our goal is to help every learner who steps into Quest feel like they matter and that they can learn anything they wish to. So the community of facilitators, parents and learning partners help us make SDL possible.
5. Age Mixing – We cater to ages 4-12 and at every single touch point between ages, we help mixed-age groups get the best out of their age range.
 6. Healthy Community – Every voice matters – from fulfilling needs of our youngest learner wanting to skateboard at Quest to our oldest learner wanting to watch movies, we take every single opinion very seriously. Ownership exercised by our learners is always very high.

If your child enrols for IEP – you (as a parent/guardian), your child and Quest would go on a Learning Contract which is a commitment by the both of us to help the child tap into their learning potential and treat them as an equal in every conversation we have about their learning.

Children aged 7 – 12, having fun at IEP

If you like the idea of IEP and would like to enrol your child into the programme, you can sign up for an orientation on a day that suits you best


The ultimate goal to any learning journey is to be able to create from the skills you’ve honed. Quest commends your mastery and would be happy to facilitate your Expression.

From doubling up as a studio space for children who have mastered different skills to work at, to being an exhibition space for photography, art and more; the various zones at Quest are also available on rent. Pre-booking to hire these spaces is advisable as every corner of Quest is buzzing with activity on most days.

Whatever your requirement is, we’d be happy to help!