WeCAN is a resource centre providing services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s founded on the belief that a child with autism can learn many things, if it is taught to him in the way he/she learns. To achieve the ultimate objective of inclusion in the society, apart from working directly with the children, they also work towards creating awareness in the community about Autism. We CAN is Quest’s backbone, providing us with a whole lot of support, advice, guidance and encouragement.

Bambaram Toy Library is a ‘play-learn’ initiative based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. They serve children in the age range of 1 to 12 years and recommend educational products (Toys/ Games/ Puzzles/ Science Kits/ DVDs), carefully selected for their unique learning attributes and cater to children’s multiple intelligences and interests. Bambaram and it’s founder Santhosh are a huge source of creative ideas, inputs and support to Quest.

Founded by Textile Art Lovers, Shuttles and Needles’ mission is to spread the joy & fascination of it by making more people take up Textile Arts. They believe Art tools should be fun, a pleasure to work with and easy so anyone can get started. With a wide range of world class Weaving looms, Spinning Wheels, Fiber Felting Art supplies and lovely yarns & fibres, their studio is any creative person’s dream place to be! They’ve spread the excitement of weaving in Quest, through the table top looms, wonderful basic-level workshops and taking creatives pursuits of first time weavers a notch up.

Käse is an initiative to locally produce ‘clean’ (not processed, without preservatives) fresh cheese and trains people with disabilities the art of cheese making. With a pressing need to address the lack of fresh, affordable, healthy cheese in the local supermarkets – ones that are not sourced from thousands of miles away but locally made, Käse has quickly become one of the most sought after cheese brands in Chennai. Quest not only loves their cheese but also their founders, who are two of the most fun facilitators you could learn from.

Crea-Shakthi is a Theatre Institution that operates a repertory theatre production company, has International Standard theatre training centres, provides theatre based learning solutions to schools, colleges and corporates. Manages a stand up comedy wing, the Pundits and curates the largest youth theatre festival in the country. As an enthusiastic team, they bring a variety of their productions and workshops to Quest and not only transform the space but take the audience with them to another world!