What happens when children design their own learning journeys?
Do schools help all children learn?
What does education of the future look like?
Rediscover learning and education!
Just learning, no strings attached!

The Unschooling Project is a groundbreaking way for children to learn! We’re here to help your children discover their interests and abilities, by allowing them to design their own learning paths— picking and choosing their interests and goals with the gentle guidance of our mentors. Empowered with knowledge, the right resources and lots of trust, children are perfectly capable of deciding what they want to learn. Learning this way, encourages children to savour everything they choose to learn, at a pace they are most comfortable with. With the help of mentors, learners understand the importance of goal setting, scheduling and planning as they embark on their learning journeys. Regular interactions with mentors, helps them conquer their learning goals, add more or tweak their journeys if needed.

Why only one option, when each one is unique?

The Unschooling Project is for every kind of learner! With the resources to support a variety of learners, we love helping children discover their best selves. Our environment allows children to discover innumerable interests, learning opportunities and bask in knowledge and fun! Suitable for learners aged 6-18, children across age groups design their own unique learning paths, which includes a variety of their interests. These interests go beyond distinct (academic) subject boundaries, that are usually offered in a standardised curriculum. A customised learning continuum, encourages children to learn all that they love by reading, doing, watching, and even meeting experts from various fields. Facilitators and experts help make learning fun, comprehensive and relevant for all.

The world is changing, why shouldn’t we?

The Unschooling Project is designed for this ever changing world! By breaking the walls of classrooms, and taking education and learning to the world around every child, we’re making learning so much more fun and relatable. In a technologically advancing world, we’ve seamlessly integrated technology into every child’s day! Technology is more than just video games and staring into the hollow of screens— by embracing it, we help children discover the wonders it can do. The digital environment we provide Is carefully curated to include a variety of interests for learners of different age groups. It is a safe and exciting way to learn! In addition to learning, children also keep track of their progress in the digital journal of the app.

Learning for learning’s sake!

When children learn because they want to, and not because they have to, they understand the world around them, so much better! Unbridled learning, without the pressure to write exams is truly such a joy and we seek to share this joy with all our learners, everyday. Learning at one’s own pace, without the constraints of a rigid timetable, helps children enjoy all that they learn and develop a meaningful relationship with knowledge! A day filled with independent learning sessions, interactive sessions with facilitators and exciting choices with experts from various fields, children learn in so many different ways, not racing against time.