As soon as you step into Quest, the first space you’d step into is the immensely popular – Facilitator Free Zone. This is where children can use their imaginations to Design-Construct and Create with numerous resources like Lego, Magformers, Zoob, Rig-ama-jig, Dominos and more. They can try their hand at piecing together jigsaw puzzles of various difficulties, research anything at the Research Desk on the state-of-the-art iMac, get creative at the Upcycle corner, crack the mystery at the Mystery Corner or explore the Book of the Week and Game of the Week.
So many games! Which one will you choose? We have 100+ games and toys and are itching to add more! Games Zone is piled with mind boggling games. From outdoor games, to boards games we’ve got it covered – traditional games, classics, games from other countries and strategy games. 
Science-Technology-Engineering-Mechanics is a zone that opens you up to a world of tools, bots, coding, experiments and more. Be it S.T.E.M. Challenges, Aeromodelling or building from scratch, you’d be spoilt for choice! It is furnished with the widest range of tools and machines, and children learn to use these tools correctly to build their own products out of cardboard, PVC pipes, wood, etc. 
Book Libraries are always about reading.
The library is stacked with range of books and magazines, it is perfectly cosy to curl up with a book and travel the world. The Stories Zone also includes a writing corner where children can write their own stories too!
Ratatouille is our well equipped kitchen, and is perfect for every little chef! Kids can learn to make delicious dishes sure to make your taste buds tingle!
Art Hacks is every little Picasso’s dream! Children can choose to draw, paint, or even try their hand at origami. With access to easels and level-up kits that children aspire to earn, the creations in this zone can scale up to any size. 
Clapboard, an immersive theatre with a 137″ screen and 7.1 surround sound offers a chance to go on wildlife safaris or adventures around the world! Take your pick from our carefully curated collection of documentaries and movies, and enjoy the experience.
Performing Arts is the ultimate destination for every performer! Guitars, keyboard, drums, piano that adorn the room provide the perfect ambience to dabble in melody and beats. Children can also learn to dance and develop their own style or narrate stories using the classical mudras and expressions through Nitya or get into the groove by Freestyle Dancing. iPad Movie making is also incredibly popular amongst young learners as they get to put on their creative hats and tie in all of their skills.
A zone dedicated to the world of threads.
Thread Works is the perfect haven for learning to embroider, sew or weave. Children can choose to learn a variety of embroidery stitches, or sew fun(ctional) things such as softies, felt pouches, bookmarks and more!
Enjoyed the virtual tour? Come visit us in person!

You can check out all these zones by blocking time with us over the weekend.


As a larger group from school or as a family, you can customise your visit to Quest with a curated program just for you.