Quest Membership is a one-of-a-kind membership that gives your access to finely curated weekends! Bond over stories and unique book readings, learn art forms, travel back in time with talks on history, heritage, culture, and more, and experience enthralling concerts, nature walks, and theme-based events.

There’s something for children of every age group and their adults too!

The exclusive membership privileges include—
• Priority access to registration links for events and workshops
• Members can choose to attend 12 experiences in total (so 3 of you can attend one event, or one of you can join a workshop. Each member attending would be considered an individual participant)
• Children under 12 get a Quest passport that would get stamped according to the country they travel to through the experience they sign up for
• All events are curated with a global theme in mind, giving you an experience of travelling the world through learning

• Trial sessions for all our after school programmes

(Your membership can be renewed after you have attended 12 experiences)



Learn a new skill or advance your skills with our fun packed after school programmes! 
4-6 Years
7-12 Years
13-18 Years
Gurukulam karate
Date 03rd Oct
Duration Every month
Suitable For Ages 4-6,7-12,13-17,adults
Cost 2000 per month
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Learning Dates

It’s a date! A unique programme for 4-6yr old learners — Learning Dates at Quest, is designed to help parents introduce self-directed learning to their children. Curated by our team, this programme includes numerous activities that help young children read and explore art, science, culinary and more based on the story. The activities are designed to help learners build their fine and gross motor skills, enable them to think creatively and logically problem solve. They do not follow a linear progression, instead exposes learners to a range of interest areas and skills.

The sessions include activities that are easy for parents to follow and guide their child on activities they choose. A perfect chance for parents to bond with their children!

Having the freedom to choose what they want to learn is truly empowering, and these young learners are beginning their journey with self-directed learning with us at Quest!