About Quest

The Learning Community at Quest is an inclusive space dedicated to discovery, creativity and fun; for learners of all kinds, age groups and abilities.

The Learning Community at Quest, Palavakkam

Nestled in a quiet neighbourhood by the sea, Quest provides a nourishing environment for every learner to explore, engage and express. Our space is malleable and bountiful with resources, which means you can use it as a studio, a maker space or a resource centre.

Our mission is to create a community of learners, with many different kinds of learners and have spirited discussions about learning itself! We were recognised by The Alliance for Self Directed Education, for our work in the field of self directed education. Becoming a part of a global network of Self Directed Education institutions for us means an emphatic statement of who we are and all that we do everyday to build a truly progressive learning space.

Everyday, we intend to take our journey to the next level — By constantly learning and keeping up with the world around us, we are able to design learning experiences that are relevant and enriching. We’re striving to make self-directed learning accessible to every learner curious to explore it and as we work towards that goal, it becomes vital for us to constantly have conversations with every one of you and to ensure that every learner who comes to Quest is able to take away some new knowledge that they’ve gained by doing, watching, reading, listening or playing.

The Learning Community at Quest is a space for learning and fun. We believe in self-directed learning, a truly revolutionary approach to learning where the learner takes charge of their own learning journey, with or without the assistance of others, by identifying their learning goals, choosing their mode of learning and evaluating their own performance and outcomes as well. Children are naturally curious, and given the freedom, they happily assume the role of designing their own learning journeys. Self-directed learning is not a lack of adult involvement, it is simply a lack of adult control. The freedom to learn whatever one desires, without judgement, compulsion or an end goal dictated by others is an utterly illuminating way of learning. We provide the perfect environment for children to be the best learners they can be.

The Unschooling Project is our latest endeavour in self directed education. It seamlessly blends the best global practices of self directed learning, with the best and familiar aspects of learning in India. Truly, an alternative to conventional schooling, the Unschooling Project seeks to help every child learn what they want to and love, and thereby discover new interests, skills and their best selves. Our learners design their own learning journeys and it is ethereal to watch children make informed decisions. Since it is customised, many different kinds of learners learn a variety of things and are not restricted by a common curriculum. By removing the invisible hierarchy that veils the current schooling systems, the Unschooling Project helps children learn beyond textbooks, and distinct subject boundaries. This opens up a world of possibilities! By integrating technology into everything we do, children understand the impact of this all powerful advancement and use it to enrich their learning experience — be it goal setting, documenting or presentation skills; they are empowered to do it all.

The Unschooling Project is for children aged 6-18, from 10AM to 4PM. If you’d be interested in connecting with us, fill out this form and we shall schedule a call with you.

ExploreEngageExpress Quest

If you are not looking for a full day programme, you can always help your child experience Quest, after school. The Individualised Engagement Programme (IEP) is for children aged 4-12 where they can hone skills that complement what they learn at school. Each child learns differently, and thus our programme is designed to cater to many different kinds of learners.

The IEP is truly individualised as children can completely design their own learning path in their chosen field of interest. Our facilitators help them understand their interests, evaluate their needs and commit to particular interests or activities, and help them decide how far ahead they would like to learn a particular interest. These conversations help kids understand the depths of all the interests we offer, and they can choose activities they would like to pursue under each interest, creating a customised individualised learning plan for themselves.

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Events at Quest are fun, inclusive, curated for different age groups and cater to a variety of interests and abilities. Here’s what’s happening:

Talkumentaries – November
Date 07th Nov 2020 to 28th Nov 2020
Duration 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Suitable For 7-12,13-17,adults
Cost Rs. 500/-
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Talk-u-mentaries — October
Date 03rd Oct 2020 to 31st Oct 2020
Duration 05:00 PM to 06:30 PM
Suitable For all ages
Cost Rs. 500
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Workshops are specially curated learning sessions conducted by experts. Here’s what you can sign up for:



There is something at Quest for everybody!

Take a virtual tour through Ratatouille, STEM, Games Zone, Stories Zone, Art Hacks, Thread Works, Clapboard, Performing Arts and more.



One of the most fascinating things about learning is finding like-minded individuals and sharing notes along the way.

If you are a progressive learning space, a thought leader, a brand that makes learning fun and or just someone interested in helping self-directed learners thrive and would love to collaborate, we urge you to get in touch with us!

Field Trips

Looking to spend time as a group?

We can customise immersive, engaging and fun learning experiences for schools (Grades 1-5). Families and friends can also bond over our specially curated day-long trips or spend time playing board games, watching a movie, baking and more.